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Information on safety measures implemented in the salons to limit the spread of Covid-19

Dear customers,

All KOLONNA salons have implemented high safety measures, so that during this very challenging time, everyone can take care of their beauty without worrying about their health.

- In all salons, beauty specialists and administrators use face masks.

- If necessary, customers can buy face masks in the salon’s administration. When being present in the salon’s premises, the use of face masks is mandatory.

- In the salons, customers have access to hand sanitizers and a WC room where they can wash their hands.

- When planning appointments, we follow the social distancing procedure as much as possible. We ask our customers to fill in the questionnaires in the salon, confirming that the customer does not endanger other customers present in the salon. Persons who are in self-isolation, home quarantine or isolation, as well as have signs of respiratory infectious disease, may not be present in the salon.

- Preventive actions implemented in the salon’s environment include increased hygiene with a special focus on critical surfaces such as counters, door handles, light switches, etc.

- The procedure for disinfecting tools, equipment and utensils is constantly followed in our salons.

- In shopping centres, ventilation systems are fully switched to the air circulation mode so that the equipment would operate with 100% fresh air supply.

We are proud of an environment where our customers can feel safe, and we keep working as usual.